eCentric Executive E-EXEC-350MT-AL-AHR-SWV


Supply Arrangement prices for Canadian Government buyers only. SA#: E60PQ-120001/003/PQ

Rotary office chair: eCentric Executive plus size with air lumbar, swivel arms and adjustable headrest

Standard features: 

• High-back, height range 25"-30"
• Adjustable air lumbar
• Armrest is height/swivel adjustable T-arm
• Armrest height 6 ¼"-10 ¼"
• Multi Tilt mechanism with independent back angle adjustment
• Seat and back lockable or stoppable in multiple positions
• Adjustable seat depth 19"-21 ½"
• Adjustable headrest has 3 pivot points with 7" vertical and horizontal adjustment
• Upholstering: dual fabric
Shipping $30
Installation $60
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